California Mango Products  




A product designed to treat and prevent maladies common to the skin, hands or feet. Use both as treatment
or preventative to combat dry skin, cracked heels, inflamed or dry cuticles and skin irritations. This unique
blend of Natural oils, emollients & vitamins in this proprietary formulat, specifically targets problem skin areas.

In an age of product cost reductions by using less costly grade ingredients, Mango Mend does just the opposite.
Using the highest pharmaceutical grade raw maters, Mango Mend GUARANTEES the best possible results.

Skin: Dry Skin Areas, Rash, Sunburn, Dry Scalp, Abrasions & Scars, Elbows & Knees
Hands: Extremely Dry Skin, Cuticles, Nail Treatment, Abrasions & Scars, Rough Callus
Feet: Cracked heels, Calluses, Prevents blisters/chafing, Skin irritation/itching

-- Seals in Moisture & Conditions Skin
-- All Natural Ingredients
-- USP Pharmaceutical Grade

Specialty Oils: Jojoba, Mango Seed, Kukui, Makadamia Nut, Soy & Saflower (hi-oleic)
Specialty Vitamins: Vitamin E USP, Lecithin USP
Specialties: Aloe, Mango Butter
Specialty Organic Extract Oils: Mango, Orange, Grapefruit & Tangerine





Mango Mend